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Guru Sweets


Business overview

Guru Sweets Near by Ghanta Ghar, Sambhal. Snacks and fast food and sweets Restaurants with Address, Contact Number, Photos, Maps. View Guru Sweets on Apnasambhal Website.

Clearing a path for a good dinner is Guru Sweets Near by Ghanta Ghar, Sambhal. This spot is inseparable from delectable food that can satisfy all food yearnings. It is home to probably the most refreshing foods. In order to have the option to take into account countless burger joints, it possesses a great area at Sambhal Locality. Near by Ghanta Ghar, Sambhal. Civility to this vital area, foodies in and around the area can stroll in to this eating house advantageously without confronting any problems identified with driving to this piece of the city. It is one of the most searched after Restaurants in Sambhal Locality. For individuals in different parts, the eatery additionally has branches at different areas which incorporate , Near by Ghanta Ghar in Sambhal and can likewise be visited for an inviting feast. This is a one of the eminent Restaurants in Sambhal.

Business reviews

Sachin Thakur Review Apnasambhal

Sachin Thakur

Best Quality sweets

Quality sweets... Awesome and delicious taste...Also have good customer gesture... Crowded location...But if u want good taste u have to visit.

Maaz Khan Review Apnasambhal

Maaz Khan

Delicious Sweet Corner 🤩😍

All type of sweets, Coffee, ice cream, snack corner. Honour of the town GURU SWEETS. It's Best Sweet shop of this city. It also has restaurant facility above it. And they prepare there sweets freshly, i always take from here. I recommend you to take sweet from here. Guru Sweets: is one the famous sweet shop in Sambhal, Located near Kotwali Sambhal. Take away and seating arrangement is available here.

Tahsil Road, near Sambhal Kotwali, Sambhal, Uttar Pradesh 244302

+91 Not Available

All Days Open   08:30 am - 11:30 pm

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